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Macquarie Children's Dictionary 2nd Edition
1 Macquarie Children's Dictionary 2nd Edition
Australia Macquarie Dictionary Publishers 2003 1876429402 / 9781876429409 2nd Edition Soft cover New Book 28.2 x 21.2 x 0.6 cm Beth Norling 
This picture dictionary is for children who are in their first year of reading. The dictionary:- entertains with attractive illustrations- presents each word clearly to assist young readers- conveys the meaning in easy-to-read, helpful sentences- encourages children to use a dictionary. Children at this stage of development are building on early competence in spoken and written language. They are also adapting what they know about language to communicate more effectively. Guided use of the Macquarie Children's Dictionary will enhance children's understanding about some simple features of written language which are crucial to their continued development in reading and writing. – Rosalie Nott, Education Consultant. This new edition has been completely updated with new illustrations and examples. 
Price: 18.95 AUD
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Talk Language: How to Use Conversation for Profit and Pleasure [used book], Allan Pease and Alan Garner
2 Talk Language: How to Use Conversation for Profit and Pleasure [used book]
Allan Pease and Alan Garner Australia Camel 1986 0959365818 / 9780959365818 Soft cover Good Book 21.1 x 13.4 x 1.4 cm 
Sometimes people are so busy communicating that they don't list to each other. Talk Language teaches us how to understand what people are really saying, and why. Words represent only a small part of the information transmitted in conversation, just as important are circumstances and body language. Talk Language shows how to decode a wide range of everyday signals so you can get the message or intentions a speaker is really conveying - whether intentionally or not it gives many examples of everyday conversational phrases and what they really mean. Talk Language will help you to express yourself clearly and concisely - and to interpret others intentions if they do not reveal them. Its message can be applied to almost every facet of everyday life. 
Price: 8.00 AUD
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The Family Tree Historical Maps Book - Europe : A Country-by-Country Atlas of European History, 1700s-1900s, Allison Dolan
3 The Family Tree Historical Maps Book - Europe : A Country-by-Country Atlas of European History, 1700s-1900s
Allison Dolan USA Family Tree Books 2015 1440342040 / 9781440342042 Soft cover New Book 27.6 x 21.0 x 2.4 cm 
Journey to the Old Country From Ireland to Italy, Portugal to Poland, Germany to Greece, and everywhere in between, explore your ancestors' European homelands through more than 200 gorgeous reproductions of 18th-century maps, 19th-century and early 20th-century maps. These full-color period maps--covering the peak years of European immigration to America--will help you understand changing boundaries in ancestral countries, and inform your search for genealogical records. Inside you'll find: * Historical maps of the European continent showing how national borders evolved over three centuries * Detailed country maps illustrating key geographical units--provinces, counties, regions, cities and more * Time lines of important events in each country's history * Lists of administrative divisions by country for easy reference * A complete index to aid in viewing maps of interest in greater detail online This country-by-country atlas is an indispensable tool for European genealogy. Put your ancestral origins in geographical context, unravel the boundary changes that trip up genealogists, and envision the old country as your ancestors knew it. The book is also a valuable reference for teachers, homeschooling parents and anyone with an interest in European history. Time travel across the continent with the Family Tree Historical Maps Book: Europe. 
Price: 49.95 AUD
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Oxford First Illustrated Dictionary, Andrew Delahunty
4 Oxford First Illustrated Dictionary
Andrew Delahunty UK Oxford University Press 2016 0192746049 / 9780192746047 Soft cover New Book 18.4 x 14.2 x 1.7 cm Emma Chichester Clark 
The Oxford First Illustrated Dictionary, beautifully illustrated by well-known picture book artist Emma Chichester Clark, is the perfect first building block for 5-7 year-olds to engage with words and language. Over 2000 entries give clear meanings and definitions, parts of speech, word forms, word families, synonyms and opposites to build vocabulary and first literacy skills. Not just a dictionary, this unique book brings to life the world of fairy tales, nursery rhymes, and picture books that children love. Winnie the Pooh and Georgie Porgie appear alongside Aladdin and Cinderella in the innovative example sentences. Rhyming words, little words hiding in big words, and riddles provide plenty of opportunities for fun word play, along with amusing word jokes and child-friendly word origins. The entry for 'crocodile' tells the child that the word comes from a Greek word meaning 'lizard' and ends with the joke: 'What's a crocodile's favourite Game? Snap.' This wealth of information and fun with words is presented in a contemporary, easy-to-use, engaging layout, creating the most accessible and affordable dictionary and gift-book combination, the perfect buy for Christmas and holidays as well as for everyday use. 
Price: 18.95 AUD
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Once Upon a Slime: 45 Fun Ways to Get Writing Fast!, Andy Griffiths
5 Once Upon a Slime: 45 Fun Ways to Get Writing Fast!
Andy Griffiths Australia Pan 2013 1742612091 / 9781742612096 Soft cover New Book B-format Terry Denton 
- Have you ever wondered where ideas come from and how stories are made? - Would you like to know the true stories behind some of Andy and Terry's books and characters? - Are you looking for simple, practical and inspiring writing activities? - Would you like to discover 45 great ways to have fun with words and pictures? If you answered YES to any of these questions, then this is definitely the right book for you! Designed for teachers, students and young aspiring writers, Once Upon a Slime contains 45 fun writing and storytelling activities, such as lists, instructions, cartoons, personal stories, poems and pocket books. Examples from Andy and Terry's books are used throughout to demonstrate techniques and to inspire readers to have as much fun playing with ideas, words and pictures as Andy and Terry do when they get together to create their crazy books. About the Author: Andy Griffiths and Terry Denton are a creative partnership that began with Just Tricking! in 1997 and now extends to seven Just books and more than a million copies sold, the award-winning The Bad Book, the off-the-wall success of The Cat on the Mat is Flat, the bestselling The Very Bad Book and, of course, The 13-Storey Treehouse and The 26-Storey Treehouse, both of which are storming through the bestseller charts. They are now published all over the world including the US where Andy's BUM books have made the New York Times bestseller lists. 
Price: 12.95 AUD
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Text Types 2nd Edition A writing guide for students, Anne Townsend and Anne Quill
6 Text Types 2nd Edition A writing guide for students
Anne Townsend and Anne Quill Australia Cengage Learning 2012 0987304275 / 9780987304278 2nd Edition Soft cover New Book 26.0 x 18.5 x 0.4 cm 
Text Types: a writing guide for students provides a clear reference tool for students, teachers and parents to understand 30 different types of written texts, both literary and factual.This larger format Second Edition has been updated and expanded in the variety of text types and examples included. Examples presented and analysed include many electronic texts. According to the Australian Curriculum: English, students in years 7 to 10 are expected to plan, draft and publish imaginative, informative and persuasive texts using effective vocabulary and language features appropriate for the writer's purpose and the audience. These texts may take a variety of formats for example: ' an everyday explanatory text ' a media report ' a literary text ' a point of view or an argument expressed in a letter to the editor or a debate etc. Text Types: A writing guide for students [Second Edition] provides students with examples of all of these texts and more, together with clear directions about how to write each one. The book aims to provide the scaffolding and modelling necessary for the development of writing skills. It provides teachers, parents and students with a unique tool to improve writing skills and is suitable for use by students in midprimary to mid-secondary school. 
Price: 16.95 AUD
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Spellbinding Sentences: A Writer's Guide to Achieving Excellence and Captivating Readers, Barbara Baig
7 Spellbinding Sentences: A Writer's Guide to Achieving Excellence and Captivating Readers
Barbara Baig USA Writer's Digest Books 2015 1599639157 / 9781599639154 Soft cover New Book 21.4 x 14.2 x 3.2 cm 
Elevate Your Writing From So-So To Spectacular! Great writing requires more than an original idea, compelling characters, or a scintillating plot. An author needs all of these to be successful, but writing--and writing well--also demands an entirely different skill set. Spellbinding Sentences arms you with the tools you need to master the power of the English language. In this book, you'll learn the different qualities of words and the many ways those words can be combined to create sentences that hook readers. You'll emulate sentences from your favorite writers, practice proven techniques, and develop your skills one step at a time. The result? Your ability to craft excellent sentences will become second nature--and those sentences will hold your readers spellbound, page after page. "Barbara Baig's Spellbinding Sentences is a tribute to the pleasure and vitality of the English language. Never prescriptive and always clear, this enlightening book is sure to help all those wishing to add grace and strength to their writing." --Jane Brox, award-winning author of Brilliant: The Evolution of Artificial Light, one of TIME magazine's top ten nonfiction books of 2010 "Spellbinding Sentences is sophisticated and down-to-earth at the same time. Barbara Baig has distilled decades of experience into this wise book." --Edward Dolnick, New York Times best-selling author of The Rescue Artist: A True Story of Art, Thieves, and the Hunt for a Missing Masterpiece 
Price: 29.95 AUD
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The Writers Guide to Weapons: A Practical Reference for Using Firearms and Knives in Fiction, Benjamin Sobieck
8 The Writers Guide to Weapons: A Practical Reference for Using Firearms and Knives in Fiction
Benjamin Sobieck USA Writer's Digest Books 2015 1599638150 / 9781599638157 Soft cover New Book 23.2 x 17.8 x 2.0 cm 
When it comes to writing weapons, most authors shoot from the hip--and miss. The Writer's Guide to Weapons will help you hit your target every time. Firearms and knives have starring roles in a wide range of genres--crime, thriller, war, mystery, Western, and more. Unfortunately, many depictions of weapons in novels and film are pure fiction. Knowing the difference between a shotshell and a slug, a pistol and a revolver, or a switchblade and a butterfly knife is essential for imbuing your story with authenticity--and gaining popularity with discerning readers. Inside you'll find: * An in-depth look at the basics of firearms and knives: how they work, why they work, what they look like, and how to depict them accurately in your stories. * The biggest weapons myths in fiction, TV, and film. * A surefire guide for choosing the correct weapon for your characters, no matter their skill level, strength, or background. * A review of major gun and knife laws, weapons safety tips,and common police tactics. *"The Hit List," showcasing the most popular weapons for spies, detectives, gunslingers, gangsters, military characters, and more. * Examples highlighting inaccurate vs. accurate weapons depictions. * An insightful foreword by David Morrell, the award-winning creator of Rambo. Equal parts accessible, humorous, and practical, The Writer's Guide to Weapons is the one resource you need to incorporate firearms and knives into your fiction like a seasoned professional. 
Price: 29.95 AUD
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The Write-Brain Workbook : 382 Exercises to Free Your Creative Writing, Bonnie Neubauer
9 The Write-Brain Workbook : 382 Exercises to Free Your Creative Writing
Bonnie Neubauer USA Memory Makers 2015 159963838X / 9781599638386 Soft cover New Book 27.6 x 21.3 x 2.9 cm 
Banish the Blank Page! You're seated at your desk, fingers poised above the keyboard, ready to write...but the words aren't coming. You're tapped out--or worse, burnt out. The blank page strikes again. Never fear. If you're battling writer's block, or if you're just looking for ways to flex your creative writing muscles, The Write-Brain Workbook Revised & Expanded will ensure that you never have to face another wordless day. Brimming with 400 stimulating writing prompts--including more than 60 exercises new to this edition--you'll create quirky characters, discover fresh twists on classic word games, sample new forms, and generate scores of ideas for poems, short stories, articles, and even novels. Write, scrawl, scribble, and dream on each page--the possibilities for creativity are endless! The Write-Brain Workbook will help you: * Write without the pressure of preconceived expectations.* Tailor your unique writing process.* Build the momentum of a quick, daily writing practice.* Apply the breakthroughs from your daily practice to your "real" writing.* Expand how you see yourself as a writer.* Experiment with different ways to approach writing.* Affirm your commitment to being a writer.With "Take the Next Step" prompts for each exercise, "repeating" exercises you can return to again and again, and creativity-jolting illustrations, The Write-Brain Workbook is bigger and better than ever. Whether you love the pure joy of writing or are just getting started, these vibrant pages give you the means to hone your writing skills, conquer writer's block--and have fun in the process! "The Write-Brain Workbook is chock-a-block with exercises to limber a writer's imagination and shake loose dust bunnies from the brain. Hard work isn't usually this much fun." --Hallie Ephron, New York Times best-selling author of Night, Night, Sleep Tight "Writers who struggle with daily practice or making time to write will find The Write-Brain Workbook a joyful solution." --Jane Friedman, author and professor 
Price: 39.95 AUD
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How to Write What You Want to Say in the Primary Years: A Guide for Primary Students who know what they want to say but can't find the words, Catherine Black and Patricia Hipwell
10 How to Write What You Want to Say in the Primary Years: A Guide for Primary Students who know what they want to say but can't find the words
Catherine Black and Patricia Hipwell Australia Boolarong Press 2014 1925046486 / 9781925046489 Soft cover New Book 21.0 x 14.8 x 0.6 cm 
Young writers who struggle with putting their ideas into writing need language to help them. This book provides that language in the form of sentence starters and connectives. It also provides graphic organisers to help young writers organise their thoughts - a process necessary for good writing. How to write what you want to say. in the primary years: a guide for primary students who know what they want to say but can't find the words provides parents, teachers and young writers with a tool for improving writing. It is suitable for Years 2 to 6. 
Price: 19.95 AUD
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Writing Your Legacy: The Step-by-Step Guide to Crafting Your Life Story, Cheryl Svensson and Richard Campbell
11 Writing Your Legacy: The Step-by-Step Guide to Crafting Your Life Story
Cheryl Svensson and Richard Campbell USA Writer's Digest Books 2015 1599638770 / 9781599638775 Soft cover New Book 21.4 x 15.2 x 1.8 cm 
Craft a meaningful life story! A written legacy of your life--one that encompasses experiences, lessons learned, failures and triumphs--is a gift your family and friends will cherish for years to come. Writing this story may seem daunting, but it doesn't have to be. Writing Your Legacy is a step-by-step guide to chronicling a life story that reflects your true self. Through a series of 35 guided themes, as well as supplementary exercises, you'll explore milestones, relationships, career paths, and major choices, and leave an eloquent record of your life for future generations. You'll also learn how to: * Become the hero of your story* Employ vibrant sensory details* Discover your unique voice* Dig up memories from your childhood and teen years* Overcome writer's block, address common fears, and stay motivated* Prepare your story for publicationWriting your life story can grant you insight and clarity, help you heal past wounds, and serve as a treasured account you'll be proud to share. Your story deserves to be told. Capture the spirit of your life with Writing Your Legacy. 
Price: 24.95 AUD
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Get a Literary Agent: The Complete Guide to Securing Representation for Your Work, Chuck Sambuchino
12 Get a Literary Agent: The Complete Guide to Securing Representation for Your Work
Chuck Sambuchino USA Writer's Digest Books 2015 1599638010 / 9781599638010 Soft cover New Book 21.4 x 14.0 x 2.0 cm 
The Ultimate Guide to Getting a Literary Agent! If you dream of scoring the best possible deal with a traditional publisher and seeing your book in print, you need literary representation. Filled with practical, straightforward advice and insider tips, Get a Literary Agent is a one-stop resource for writers of both fiction and nonfiction. You'll learn how to: * Research agents and target the best ones for your work * Navigate the submission process--from best practices to possible pitfalls * Craft a polished query letter and pitch your work effectively * Assemble a book proposal like a pro * Form a lasting partnership with your agent You'll also gain the advice of more than 100 literary agents who share their secrets for securing representation. If you've ever wondered what a literary agent can do for you--and why you need one--this invaluable guide provides the answers. 
Price: 24.95 AUD
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My Desktop Dictionary: Revised Edition, Cliff Derkson
13 My Desktop Dictionary: Revised Edition
Cliff Derkson Australia RIC Publications 1995 186311260X / 9781863112604 Revised Edition Soft cover New Book 25.0 x 19.0 cm 
My Desktop Dictionary. A child's first dictionary. My Desktop dictionary is designed, written and illustrated for young children in their first years of learning. It is a student dictionary for children who are developing a written vocabulary and contains a wide range of commonly used words. Ample space is provided for recording new words that students may add to the dictionary. Features:- Designed, written and illustrated for young children. Contains a wide range of commonly used words, plus space for recording new words. A blank square at the top right-hand corner of each double page allows children to write letters of the alphabet in their school script. A popular, high-interest theme for each letter of the alphabet. Lists of commonly used topics and themes. 64 pages. 
Price: 6.95 AUD
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Collins Compact Dictionary And Thesaurus in Colour 3rd Edition, Collins
14 Collins Compact Dictionary And Thesaurus in Colour 3rd Edition
Collins UK Harper Collins 2009 0007299370 / 9780007299379 3rd Edition Hardcover New Book 18.6 x 11.7 x 4.5 cm 
This new edition of the COMPACT DICTIONARY AND THESAURUS is a quick and easy-to-use reference book, ideal for the home or office. The dictionary text provides clear, straightforward definitions reflecting today′s language, while the matching thesaurus text gives a generous choice of synonyms, as well as antonyms for key entries. Spelling help is given for all irregular forms of words and pronunciation help is given for all difficult words. In addition, language notes throughout the dictionary text provide additional advice on using English correctly and effectively. The range of information given in the COLLINS COMPACT DICTIONARY AND THESAURUS makes it an invaluable and attractively-priced quick reference source. Discover all the very latest words as they appear in the language with grammar, usage and writing tips. You can rely on Collins: all our definitions, examples, idioms and usage notes are based on the Collins corpus - our unrivalled and constantly updated 2.5-billion-word database of today′s English. Accessible, colour layout that′s easy on the eye, guiding you quickly to what you want. 
Price: 19.95 AUD
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Scribbles from the Suburbs, Creative Writers' Group Logan
15 Scribbles from the Suburbs
Creative Writers' Group Logan Australia InHouse Publishing 2015 1925388069 / 9781925388060 Soft cover New Book 21.0 x 14.8 x 1.3 cm 
"Scribbles from the Suburbs" is the first publication, for a collection of works by a small group of amateur writer's from Logan City.Through this eclectic mix of stories, you will travel through country towns and sail on the high seas, ride a country train and enter the cell of a notorious prison. Some will take you back to another era and possibly evoke your own memories. There are twists and unexpected turns that will leave you smiling. A few are loosely based on fact as the author explores their own journey through life. All, however, will leave you glad you came along for the ride.Everyone has a story to tell, and this work, is a fun mix that you are sure to enjoy. 
Price: 14.95 AUD
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The Academic Essay: How to Plan, Draft, Write and Edit 2E Revised, Derek Soles
16 The Academic Essay: How to Plan, Draft, Write and Edit 2E Revised
Derek Soles UK Studymates 2005 1842850652 / 9781842850657 2nd Edition Soft cover New Book 20.0 x 12.9 x 1.2 cm 
This book is a step-by-step guide to all the stages of writing an academic essay. The first part deals with gathering, evaluating and organising information; the second how to write effective introductions and concluding paragraphs, and the final section how to revise and edit your work. Full of practical tips and advice gleaned from years of experience as a tutor on the receiving end of essays, this is essential reading for every student in full- or part-time education today. 
Price: 33.95 AUD
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The Breakout Novelist: How to Craft Novels That Stand Out and Sell, Donald Maass
17 The Breakout Novelist: How to Craft Novels That Stand Out and Sell
Donald Maass USA Writer's Digest Books 2015 159963922X / 9781599639222 Soft cover New Book 22.9 x 15.2 x 2.5 cm 
The must-have reference for novel writers! If you're serious about transforming your writing into vibrant, engaging, and marketable fiction, you've found the right book. The Breakout Novelist gives you the craft and business know-how you need to make your stories stand out. Veteran literary agent Donald Maass brings together the best innovative and practical information from his previous books and workshops to help you set your novel apart from the competition. Maass shares examples from successful and contemporary writers across all genres to equip you with strategies for crafting compelling fiction--from core elements like character, setting, description, and plot, to more advanced techniques including theme, tension, and suspense. Plus, you'll find over 70 practical exercises to help you evaluate your writing to the breakout level. You'll also learn from Maass's experiences from more than three decades in the publishing industry. Get straight talk from an insider about agents, contracts, industry changes, and how to be the kind of author who builds a successful career book after book. If your goal is to craft powerful stories that capture your audience's attention from the first page to the last, then The Breakout Novelist is an indispensable reference. 
Price: 29.95 AUD
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Doug Stone's Gold Atlas of Victoria Revised Edition, Douglas M. Stone
18 Doug Stone's Gold Atlas of Victoria Revised Edition
Douglas M. Stone Australia Outdoor Press 2016 095963925X / 9780959639254 Revised Edition Spiral bound New Book 40.0 x 26.6 x 0.7 cm 
30 years of Doug’s prospecting and mapping work is now contained in one volume—Doug Stone’s Gold Atlas of Victoria. 28 map sheets cover Victoria’s main coarse gold areas. Alluvial gold diggings, mines, reefs and public lands are marked. UTM map grids are also plotted in the margins so you can pinpoint your position using GPS. This revised edition has 10 new maps. Great value when you realise the 28 Gold & Relic Site maps cost over $400 if purchased individually 
Price: 125.00 AUD
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Debrett's Manners for Men: What Women Really Want, E. Jane Dickson
19 Debrett's Manners for Men: What Women Really Want
E. Jane Dickson UK ACC Art Books 2008 1851495746 / 9781851495740 Hardcover New Book 
This stylish guide will equip today's men with essential knowledge to ensure relationship success with members of the opposite sex. Modern chivalry is manners with a sexy edge - it just makes things easier if you know what women really want. The new code of male manners allows men and women to enjoy their differences without falling into old, patronising patterns. It requires men to think things through, sifting the meaningful gesture from empty convention. Not all this comes naturally to all men, but good manners can be learned. Using the inside knowledge that only women can provide, Debrett's Manners for Men sets out the new rules for male behaviour, providing an indispensable introduction to the dangerous world of dating, romance and commitment. From first dates and meeting her mother to moving in together, Manners for Men will ensure that the modern man can confront every social challenge with style and panache. AUTHOR E Jane Dickson is a freelance writer who has worked in broadsheet journalism for twenty years. ILLUSTRATIONS 134 colour 
Price: 39.95 AUD
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Australian Primary Oxford Dictionary 4th Edition, Edited by Amanda Laugesen and Mark Gwynn
20 Australian Primary Oxford Dictionary 4th Edition
Edited by Amanda Laugesen and Mark Gwynn Australia Oxford University Press 2015 0195597435 / 9780195597431 4th Edition Soft cover New Book 22.4 x 15.3 x 2.8 cm 
Australian Primary Oxford Dictionary is an essential reference for Australian Upper Primary students with appendix words that identify core words in key learning areas. Over 14,000 headwords. Blue shaded feature boxes (easily distinguished from entries). Alphabet strip on the side of every page acts as a thumb index Parts of speech, plurals and derivatives written out in full to help with grammar. Word origins are provided for borrowings from Aboriginal languages. A map at the back shows the location of the 22 Aboriginal languages referred to in this dictionary. Illustrative sentences from well-known texts such as: Harry Potter, Wind in the Willows, Cloudstreet, Matilda, Twilight, Peter Pan and Winnie-the-Pooh. Appendix of independent countries. 
Price: 29.95 AUD
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Just Listed
Heinemann Primary Dictionary, Linsay Knight
Heinemann Primary Dictionary
Linsay Knight
28.95 AUD
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Australian Pocket Oxford Dictionary 7E + Australian Pocket Oxford Thesaurus Pack, Oxford
Australian Pocket Oxford Dictionary 7E + Australian Pocket Oxford Thesaurus Pack
34.95 AUD
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Australian Student's Oxford Thesaurus Revised Second Edition (Australian Student's Colour Oxford Thesaurus), Oxford
Australian Student's Oxford Thesaurus Revised Second Edition (Australian Student's Colour Oxford Thesaurus)
39.95 AUD
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Australian Student's Oxford Dictionary Fourth Edition (Australian Student's Colour Oxford Dictionary), Oxford
Australian Student's Oxford Dictionary Fourth Edition (Australian Student's Colour Oxford Dictionary)
39.95 AUD
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First Australian Oxford Dictionary and Thesaurus *** TEMPORARILY OUT OF STOCK ***, Katrina Heydon
First Australian Oxford Dictionary and Thesaurus *** TEMPORARILY OUT OF STOCK ***
Katrina Heydon
24.95 AUD
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Targeting Maths Dictionary, Garda Turner
Targeting Maths Dictionary
Garda Turner
11.95 AUD
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Macmillan Australian Pocket Dictionary, Macmillan
Macmillan Australian Pocket Dictionary
28.95 AUD
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Macmillan Australian Pocket Dictionary and Thesaurus Bundle, Macmillan
Macmillan Australian Pocket Dictionary and Thesaurus Bundle
38.95 AUD
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