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Tanks & Armoured Vehicles

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Military:Tanks & Armoured Vehicles

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Riot Control Vehicles: 1945-Present #219 Osprey New Vanguard, Chris McNab
1 Riot Control Vehicles: 1945-Present #219 Osprey New Vanguard
Chris McNab UK Osprey Publishing 2015 1472805151 / 9781472805157 Soft cover New Book 
Fully illustrated with a mixture of dramatic archive photos and manufacturers' images, this volume covers the little-known history of riot control vehicles. It explores the world of these vehicles from 1945 through to the present day - from adapted military armoured cars such as the Humber Pig (UK) and BRDM (Soviet Union) to the fully computerized systems of the Russian Lavina-Uragan and Canadian INKAS Armored Riot Control Vehicle - showing how their development and deployment has blurred the lines between civilian actions and military operations. It charts how the vehicles have evolved in terms of technology and layout, and also details how the associated weapon systems have been refined over time, from water cannon and tear gas launchers to subsonic sound waves and microwave energy. The operational history of the vehicles is explained in the dramatic context of major incidents across the world, from the streets of Northern Ireland and Eastern Europe to the favelas of Brazil and the battlegrounds of Iraq. 
Price: 24.95 AUD
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A7V Mephisto: The Last German First World War Tank : A Queensland Museum Pocket Guide, Gregory Czechura and Jeff Hopkins-Weise
2 A7V Mephisto: The Last German First World War Tank : A Queensland Museum Pocket Guide
Gregory Czechura and Jeff Hopkins-Weise Australia Queensland Museum 2008 0980569206 / 9780980569209 Soft cover New Book 14.8 x 10.5 x 0.5 cm 
The only A7V left in the world surviving from World War 1. Called 'Mephisto' by the German Army. Donated by to the Queensland Museum by the French. Sturmpanzerwagen A7V Mephisto is one of the Queensland Museum's most iconic objects. Captured in the dying days of the war, the tank is a focus of international militaria research. This pocket companion contains everything you need to know about the only surviving A7V Mephisto tank. From technical specifications to service history, its the next best thing to being in the drivers seat! 68 pages. 
Price: 11.95 AUD
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Polish Armor of the Blitzkrieg #224 New Vanguard, Jamie Prenatt
3 Polish Armor of the Blitzkrieg #224 New Vanguard
Jamie Prenatt UK Osprey Publishing 2015 147280824X / 9781472808240 Soft cover New Book 21.0 x 15.0 x 2.2 cm Henry Morshead 
The Polish army during the Blitzkrieg conjures up tragic images of infantry and dashing, but ineffective and ultimately doomed cavalry charges. In actuality the Poles, in the midst of a large-scale re-armament programme, had up to 600 armoured vehicles available at the time of the German attack, as well as a number of newer and better designs in various stages of development. Facing the inventors of the 'Lightning War', who attacked in great numbers, on multiple fronts and with total mastery of the air, the Polish armoured formations were up against it. But outdated equipment, doctrine and enormous odds did not stop these units from fighting with bravery and determination before being finally overwhelmed. This volume is a complete technical study of the machines that formed the backbone of Poland's defences on the ground, using never-before-seen photographs and a comprehensive design and developmental history that reveal a full picture of Poland's armoured forces in the context of their greatest challenge. 
Price: 24.95 AUD
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Tanks: 100 Years of Evolution, Richard M. Ogorkiewicz
4 Tanks: 100 Years of Evolution
Richard M. Ogorkiewicz UK Osprey Publishing 2015 1472806700 / 9781472806703 Hardcover New Book 
Tank presents a comprehensive account of the world-wide evolution of armoured vehicles from their inception a century ago to the present day, starting with a detailed reappraisal of the development of tanks and how they evolved during World War I. By the end of that conflict tanks had gained considerable importance. However, this was not sustained in its immediate aftermath and a revival only began when the British Army started in to experiment in the 1920s with a more mobile use of tanks. The subsequent rise of the importance of armoured vehicles was accompanied by and was partly due to the advances in their design and performance achieved in Europe and America before World War II. The enhanced capabilities that tanks consequently acquired enabled them to become the core of combined-arms, mechanized formations. Professor Ogorkiewicz has worked in the field of armoured vehicle development since the 1970s, and this is a serious, analytical study on the history of tank development and armoured warfare. About the Author From 1972 to 2006 Professor Richard Ogorkiewicz was an independent member of several boards and committees of the Defence Scientific Advisory Council of the Ministry of Defence. Since 1979 he has been lecturing on armoured vehicles to Army Command and Staff at the Royal Military College of Science, now part of the Defence Academy of the United Kingdom, and since 1988 has been a Visiting Professor there. He is the author of three books on armoured vehicles. Since 1988 he has been consulting editor of IHS International Defence Review, contributing to it numerous articles on armoured vehicles, and since 1993 has also been a trustee of the national Tank Museum at Bovington. 
Price: 49.95 AUD
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Panzer IV vs Sherman: France 1944 #70 Duel, Steven J. Zaloga
5 Panzer IV vs Sherman: France 1944 #70 Duel
Steven J. Zaloga UK Osprey Publishing 2015 147280760X / 9781472807601 Soft cover New Book 24.8 x 18.4 x 0.8 cm Richard Chasemore 
As the Allies attempted to break out of Normandy, it quickly became apparent that there would be no easy victory over the Germans, and that every scrap of territory on the way to Berlin would have to be earned through hard fighting. This study concentrates on the ferocious battles between the German Panzer IV and US Sherman that were at the heart of this decisive phase of World War II. The two types were among the most-produced tanks in US and German service and were old enemies, having clashed repeatedly in the Mediterranean theater. Throughout their long service careers, both had seen a succession of technical developments and modifications, as well as an evolution in their intended roles - but both remained at the forefront of the fighting on the Western Front. Written by an expert on tank warfare, this book invites the reader into the cramped confines of these armoured workhorses, employing vivid technical illustrations alongside archive and contemporary photography to depict the conditions for the crewmen within. 
Price: 34.95 AUD
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T-26 Light Tank: Backbone of the Red Army #218 Osprey New Vanguard, Steven J. Zaloga
6 T-26 Light Tank: Backbone of the Red Army #218 Osprey New Vanguard
Steven J. Zaloga UK Osprey Publishing 2015 1472806255 / 9781472806253 Soft cover New Book 
The T-26 was the first major Soviet armour program of the 1930s, beginning as a license-built version of the British Vickers 6-ton export tank. Although the T-26 retained the basic Vickers hull and suspension, the Red Army began to make extensive changes to the turret and armament, starting with the addition of a 45mm tank gun in 1933. The T-26 was built in larger numbers than any other tank prior to World War II. Indeed, more T-26 tanks were manufactured than the combined tank production of Germany, France, Britain, and the United States in 1931-40. This book surveys the development of the T-26 as well as its combat record in the Spanish Civil War, the war in China, the border wars with Poland and Finland in 1939-40, and the disastrous battles of 1941 during Operation Barbarossa. 
Price: 24.95 AUD
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Ferdinand and Elefant Tank Destroyer, Thomas Anderson
7 Ferdinand and Elefant Tank Destroyer
Thomas Anderson UK Osprey Publishing 2015 1472807219 / 9781472807212 Hardcover New Book 24.1 x 19.0 x 2.6 cm 
This is the story of the largest and statistically most successful tank destroyer of World War II. The Ferdinand was a true behemoth, and although only 91 examples were built, they took a savage toll of Soviet armour in the Battle of Kursk and subsequent operations on the Eastern Front. This study explores the technical development and combat deployment of this remarkable vehicle, from its' origins in the Porsche Tiger Tank through its deployment under the designation 'Ferdinand' in the Citadel offensive, to its modification and redesignation as the 'Elefant' and final use in the desperate Battle of Berlin. Drawing on original archival material from within Germany, private collections and heretofore unpublished photographs this title is an essential illustrated history to one of the most famous armoured vehicles ever built. 
Price: 59.95 AUD
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American Knights: The Untold Story of the Men of the Legendary 601st Tank Destroyer Battalion, Victor Failmezger
8 American Knights: The Untold Story of the Men of the Legendary 601st Tank Destroyer Battalion
Victor Failmezger UK Osprey Publishing 2015 1472809351 / 9781472809353 Hardcover New Book 21.0 x 15.0 x 2.2 cm 
As the war swung in the favor of the Allies, it became clear that no final defeat of the Third Reich would be possible until the armored monsters of the Panzerwaffe were defeated. But who would, or even could, take on the mighty Tigers and Panthers, just a handful of whom could stop entire formations in their tracks? The answer lay with the formation of a new type of unit, the Tank Destroyer Battalion. This is the story of the men and machines who made up the very first Tank Destroyer Battalion, the 601st, from their unique training and formation, to the final, desperate battles in the heart of Nazi Germany. Packed with rare material, letters, diaries and unpublished photographs, this is an intense and intimate chronicle of the men who fought the Panzers in an astonishing 10 campaigns and 546 days of lethal combat. 
Price: 44.95 AUD
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