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Commonwealth Cruisers 1939-45 #226 Osprey New Vanguard, Angus Konstam
1 Commonwealth Cruisers 1939-45 #226 Osprey New Vanguard
Angus Konstam UK Osprey Publishing 2015 1472805011 / 9781472805010 Soft cover New Book 24.8 x 18.4 x 0.5 cm Paul Wright 
In the early 20th century Britain's largest colonies established their own small naval presence, and their ships fought alongside the Royal Navy during World War I. These fleets were expanded during the inter-war years, and in 1939 the Royal Australian Navy, the Royal Canadian Navy and the Royal New Zealand Navy willingly joined the fight on behalf of the British Commonwealth. For the most part these small navies consisted of a few cruisers and destroyers, designed to protect territorial waters and local sea lanes. However, these warships and their crews soon found themselves involved in a global war, and consequently were called upon to fight wherever they were needed, against the Germans, the Italians and the Japanese. This book tells the story of these small cruiser forces, and the men who served the Allied cause so well during the long and brutal war at sea. 
Price: 24.95 AUD
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Byzantine Warship vs Arab Warship: 7th - 11th Centuries #64 Osprey Duel, Angus Konstam and Peter Dennis
2 Byzantine Warship vs Arab Warship: 7th - 11th Centuries #64 Osprey Duel
Angus Konstam and Peter Dennis UK Osprey Publishing 2015 147280757X / 9781472807571 Soft cover New Book 
For four hundred years the Byzantine Empire's naval forces vied with the warships of the Islamic world for mastery of the Mediterranean. At the heart of this confrontation were the fighting vessels of the two powers, the Byzantine dromon and the Arabic shalandi, both oared warships. In those four centuries of warfare between two major maritime powers, both the Byzantines and the Arabs left us records of their doctrine and tactics, as well as of how their ships were built. Featuring full-colour artwork and rigorous analysis from an authority on naval warfare, this enthralling book offers a glimpse of the long-lost world of war at sea in the age of Byzantium. 
Price: 34.95 AUD
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The Tamar Boats: A Complete Reference Book [used book][rare], Betty J. Percy
3 The Tamar Boats: A Complete Reference Book [used book][rare]
Betty J. Percy Australia Foot & Playsted Pty Ltd 1993 0646136496 / 9780646136493 1st Edition Hardcover Very Good Book 26.5 x 19 cm Signed by Author(s)
This book tells the stories of more than 750 craft, almost without exception privately owned, built by professional and non-professional boat builders and launched from the banks of the Tamar River. Racing abilities and tales of extended cruises are on record along with outstanding racing successes in Tasmanian coastal and Bass Strait waters. Inevitably there is also recorded for a few their loss through foundering or other sad circumstance. In addition there are items of historical interest about the River itself, together with old and pertinent papers, and photographs depicting varying sailing rig and styles of motor launches. The Tamar Boats can be regarded as a book of reference, and is a boating book with a difference as each craft has its own story to tell. Signed by the Author on the title page. Inscription on inside front endpaper reads 'To Uncle Trevor from Glenn, Margaret & Family July 1993'. Overall in very good codition. Dust jacket in Very Good Condition with some slight rubbing on front and rear. 
Price: 300.00 AUD
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Australian Boating Manual 5th Edition, Captain Dick Gandy
4 Australian Boating Manual 5th Edition
Captain Dick Gandy Australia Ocean Publications 2015 0646916807 / 9780646916804 5th Edition Hardback New New Book 27.5 x 21.0 x 5.8 cm 
Australian Boating Manual by Captain Dick Gandy 5th Edition, released in 2015, has been updated for Maritime Training Package of 2013 and is almost twice the size of 1st edition. THE 5TH EDITION HAS BEEN UPDATED FOR.....COMMONWEALTH NAVIGATION ACT 2012 (Regulations for domestic vessels), MARITIME TRAINING PACKAGE 2013, PASSAGE PLANNING, WORK HEALTH & SAFETY (WHS) LEGISLATION 2012, MASTREP (Replacing AUSREP)VESSEL SECURITY SYSTEM,Z-DRIVE & VOITH-SCHNEIDER PROPULSION SYSTEMS, JOYSTICK PILOT SYSTEM, INCREASED STABILITY CONTENT, ALL CHAPTERS UPDATED WHERE NECESSARY. CHAPTER 1 BUYING & INSURING A BOAT Includes Options - Stability - Buoyancy - Inspections - Technical details - Tests - Sellers - Dealers. CHAPTER 2 TRAINING, CERTIFICATION & WHAT TO STUDY Includes Boat Licence - Recreation & Commercial Certificates - Competency based training - ABM study guide for Maritime (MAR) Training Package. CHAPTER 3 NAUTICAL TERMS, BOAT DESIGN, CONSTRUCTION, FITTINGS & RIGS Includes Helm orders - Points of compass - Keels - Parts of vessel - vessel design & construction - Watertight bulkheads - Watertight integrity - Hull & deck openings - Sails - Sailing rigs. CHAPTER 4 ROPES, KNOTS, SPLICES & SAFETY Includes Bulldog grips - Berthing ropes - Rigging a stage - Rigging a bosun's chair - Boarding ladders. CHPATER 5 BOAT MAINTENANCE, HAZARDOUS MATERIALS & CARE OF SAILS Includes Corrosion - Osmosis - Paints - Varnishes -Anti-fouling - Slipping - Trailer maintenance - Boat construction materials - Hull & superstructure maintenance - Dangerous materials & cargoes - Material Safety Data Sheets (Safety Data Sheets) - Safety Symbols - Dangerous Goods Code. CHAPTER 6 IALA BUOYAGE SYSTEM & OTHER COLOUR ILLUSTRATIONS Includes International Flags and Pennants - Fire Extinguishers - Pyrotechnic Distress Signals - Symbols & Abbreviations Used on Charts - Marker buoys for safer boating - light characteristics - Morse code. CHPATER 7 ANCHORING SYSTEMS Includes Anchoring Terms - Chains - Capstan - Windlass. CHAPTER 8 BOAT HANDLING & TOWING Includes Sailing theory - Trailers - Interaction - Bars. CHAPTER 9 LIFTING EQUIPMENT, WINCHES & SAFETY Includes Safe Working Loads - Purchases - Block systems - Cranes - Shackles - Hooks - Slings - Deck machinery maintenance & surveys - Cargo carrying regulations - Code of safe working practice. CHAPTER 10 WATCHKEEPING DUTIES & NAUTICAL EMERGENCIES Includes Reporting Marine Casualties & Incidents - Salvage Claims - Planned Grounding. CHAPTER 11 INTERNATIONAL & LOCAL COLLISION PREVENTION REGULATIONS. CHAPTER 12 LAWS & REGULATIONS: COMMERCIAL & RECREATIONAL VESSELS, POLLUTION & ENVIRONMENT PROTECTION Includes Equipment Standards - Length Measurement - Speed Limits - Restrictions - Jet Boat Regulations - Registration - National Compliance - Interstate Voyages - Overseas Voyages - NAVAREA X Navigational Warnings - Annual Notices To Mariners - Marine Orders & Notices - USL - NMSC - NSAMS - ISP code - Incident reporting - Surveys - Inspections - Competent Person - Operational Areas - Fast Craft - Seaworthiness - Hire & Drive - Ballast Water Management - Static Electricity - Bird Droppings. CHAPTER 13 LOAD, BUOYANCY & STABILITY Includes Why Boats Float - Draft Marks - Classification Societies - Load Lines Certificates - Boat Stability - Deck loading - Point loading - Angle of Repose. CHAPTER 14 GNSS (GPS), AIS & ELECTRONIC CHARTS Includes GPS - DGPS - GLONASS - GALILEO - Electronic Charts - Plotters - RTK Machinery Guidance System - AIS Automatic Identification System - Buying GPS & AIS. CHAPTER 15 SOUNDERS, LOGS, AUTOPILOTS & ALARMS Includes Detectors - Indicators. CHAPTER 16 RADAR, ARPA, SART & OTHER RADAR TRANSPONDERS Includes Buying Radar - Horizon Distance Calculation - ARPA - Anti-Collision Radar Transponders - Radar Reflective Distress Signals - Buying a radar. CHAPTER 17.1 NAVIGATION - COMPASSES, BEARINGS & HEADINGS Includes Magnetic, Gyro & Fluxgate Compasses - Pelorus - Relative Bearings - Azimuth Mirror - Compass Error - Transits. CHAPTER 17.2 NAVIGATION - CHART WORK & PASSAGE PLANNING Includes Plotting Instruments - Charts - Mercator & Gnomonic Projections - Rhumb Line - Great Circle - Speed, Time & Distance Calculations - Plotting Terminology - Set, Rate & Drift - Leeway - Geographical Range - Luminous Range - Logbook - Passage Planning. CHAPTER 17.3 NAVIGATION - TIDES & CURRENTS Includes Tide Calculations - Rule Of Twelfths - Form AH130 - Tidal Streams in Torres Strait, Sydney & Broome - Surface Currents around Australia. CHAPTER 18 RADIO, SATELLITE & EPIRB COMMUNICATION Includes Operator Certificates - GMDSS - DSC - GPIRBS - LEOSAR - GEOSAR - INMARSAT - SafetyNET - Phonetic Alphabet & Numerals. CHAPTER 19.1 WORK HEALTH & SAFETY - FIRST AID Includes Marine Animal Bites & Stings - Seasickness. CHAPTER 19.2 WHS - FIRE PREVENTION & CONTROL Includes Portable & Fixed Fire Extinguishers - Pressure Tests - Inspections - Hoses - Fire Detectors. CHAPTER 19.3 WHS - SAFETY EQUIPMENT, SEA SURVIVAL & RESCUE Includes Pre-departure Check List - NMSC Standard - Search Patterns - Abandoning Ship - Helicopter Rescue - Assisting Others in Distress - Safety Drills - Emergency Station List - MASTREP - REEFREP - Sydney To Hobart Yacht Race Safety Recommendations. CHAPTER 19.4 WORK HEALTH & SAFETY, CROUD CONTROL, SAFETY MANAGEMENT SYSTEM, COMMUNICATION & VESSEL SECURITY Includes WHS (OH&S) Act (ref) - Privacy Act (ref) - Duty of Care - Risk Management - Safety Checklist - Galley Safety - Confined Spaces - Alcohol Consumption - Human Behaviour - Discrimination - Bullying - Harassment - Conflict Resolution - Industrial Relations - Team Work - Permit to Work System - WHS (OHS) Consultative Committees. CHAPTER 19.5 WHS - SAFE OPERATIONS REGULATIONS. CHAPTER 20 METEOROLOGY (WEATHER) Includes Barometer - Relative Humidity - Cyclone Contingency Plans & Safe Havens (examples). CHAPTER 21 HOW ENGINES WORK & THEIR PARTS. CHAPTER 22 ENGINE LUBRICATION & COOLING SYSTEMS. CHAPTER 23 INBOARD DIESEL FUEL SYSTEM Includes EFI - Tanks Capacity - Safety - Terminology. CHAPTER 24 PROPULSION, GEARBOXES & PROPELLERS Includes Jet Drive - Conventional In-Line Drive - Surface Drive -Stern (Sail) Drive - Vee Drive - Z Drive - Gearboxes - Shaft Installation & Alignment - Selecting the Right Propeller - Thruster Units. CHAPTER 25 ENGINE BEDS, EXHAUST, VENTILATION & SOUNDPROOFING Includes Engine Mounts - Vibration Isolators - Engine Inclination - Weight Distribution - Wet & Dry Exhaust Systems - Accumulation of CO - Machinery Noise. CHAPTER 26 ENGINE OPERATION, ALARMS, CONTROLS & MAINTENANCE Includes Fuel Calculations - Starting Systems - Instruments - Alarms - Propulsion Control Systems - Diesel Engine & Generator Troubleshooting. CHAPTER 27 OUTBOARD ENGINES Includes Two & Four Stroke - Single & Twin Cylinder - EFI - Electric - Gearbox - Remote Control - Petrol & LPG Engine Troubleshooting. CHPATER 28 LPG & LPG ENGINES. CHAPTER 29 BILGES, PUMPS, AUXILIARY POWER, REFRIGERATION & PLUMBING Includes Hot & Cold Water - Cabin Heaters - Refrigeration - Toilets - Drains - Holding Tanks - Colour Coding of Pipes. CHAPTER 30 SOLAR & OTHER ELECTRICAL SYSTEMS Includes - Electrical Installations - Batteries - Generators - Shore Power - Inverters. CHAPTER 31 RUDDERS & STEERING SYSTEMS Includes Requirements for Commercial Vessels. CHAPTER 32 INDEX. CHAPTER 33 CONTACTS - EMERGENCIES, WEATHER & WEBSITES. 
Price: 89.95 AUD
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US Standard-Type Battleships 1941-45 1: Nevada, Pennsylvania and New Mexico Classes #220 Osprey New Vanguard, Mark Stille
5 US Standard-Type Battleships 1941-45 1: Nevada, Pennsylvania and New Mexico Classes #220 Osprey New Vanguard
Mark Stille UK Osprey Publishing 2015 1472806964 / 9781472806963 Soft cover New Book 
Written by US Navy expert Mark Stille, this book offers a unique insight into the Standard-type classes of US battleships. It provides a detailed investigation into the histories of each of the warships in the Standard-type battleship classes, the first three of which, the Nevada, Pennsylvania and New Mexico, formed the US Navy's main force in the inter-war period. The Standard-types reflected a new design philosophy: by designing each class to meet common standards of maneuvrability and handling, vessels of different classes could operate as a single tactical unit without being limited by the performance of the slowest and least maneuvrable ship. At the time of their construction, these ships incorporated the latest design features such as triple gun turrets. Although they were rendered increasingly obsolete by evolving naval doctrines and the ascendance of the fast battleship, they served with distinction throughout World War II. This study combines analysis of design features and an absorbing narrative of operational histories to offer a comprehensive picture of the Standard-type battleships, from the brutal destruction of the USS Arizona to the triumphant occupation of Japan. 
Price: 24.95 AUD
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Boats with an Open Mind: Seventy-five Unconventional Designs and Concepts [used book], Philip C. Bolger
6 Boats with an Open Mind: Seventy-five Unconventional Designs and Concepts [used book]
Philip C. Bolger USA International Marine 1994 0070063761 / 9780070063761 Soft cover Good Book 23.5 x 18.7 x 3.0 cm 
Here are 75 novel and wonderful boats - some strange, some beautiful, all of them paragons of Philip Bolger's form-follows-function design philosophy. A planing microtrawler; a glass-galleried, beachable birdwatching boat; a fully enclosed ocean-cruising rowboat; cruising sailboats that take the ground at low tide; power, sail, and rowing boats from 6 to 95 feet - these are boats as only Bolger's unfettered imagination does them. This is the first collection of Bolger's work in almost 15 years. It is long overdue. "Bolger is an eloquent writer and his comments run the gamut from hilarious to profound." - "The Ensign". "Bolger brings a kind of youthful feeling to yacht design - he would rather make precedent than follow it." - "WoodenBoat". "Bolger has a way of seducing even the lay reader into thinking about and beginning to understand boat design." - "Cruising World"."Boat lovers who are used to designers who conceive the same boat over and over, camouflaged with a face-lifting here and there, will be amazed at Phil Bolger's diversity." - "Boatbuilder". 
Price: 20.00 AUD
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