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Image for The Jungle Book and The Second Jungle Book [Wordsworth Classics]

The Jungle Book and The Second Jungle Book [Wordsworth Classics]

By: Rudyard Kipling

Price: $7.99

Publisher: UK, Wordsworth: 2018

Seller ID: 9781840227550

ISBN: 1840227559

Condition: New

The Jungle Book introduces Mowgli, the human foundling adopted by a family of wolves. It tells of the enmity between him and the tiger Shere Khan, who killed Mowgli's parents, and of the friendship between the man-cub and Bagheera, the black panther, and Baloo, the sleepy brown bear, who instructs Mowgli in the Laws of the Jungle. The Second Jungle Book contains some of the most thrilling of the Mowgli stories. It includes Red Dog, in which Mowgli forms an unlikely alliance with the python Kaa, How Fear Came and Letting in the Jungle as well as The Spring Running, which brings Mowgli to... View more info

Image for All Quiet on the Western Front

All Quiet on the Western Front

By: Erich Maria Remarque

Price: $14.95

Publisher: UK, Vintage: 1995

Seller ID: 9780099532811

ISBN: 0099532816

Condition: New

One by one the boys begin to fall...In 1914 a room full of German schoolboys, fresh-faced and idealistic, are goaded by their schoolmaster to troop off to the 'glorious war'. With the fire and patriotism of youth they sign up. What follows is the moving story of a young 'unknown soldier' experiencing the horror and disillusionment of life in the trenches. ALL QUIET ON THE WESTERN FRONT is the most famous anti-war novel ever written. View more info

Image for Hatchet #1 Brian Robeson

Hatchet #1 Brian Robeson

By: Gary Paulsen

Price: $16.95

Publisher: UK, Macmillan Children's Books: 2017

Edition: 30th Anniversary Edition

Seller ID: 9781509838790

ISBN: 1509838791

Condition: New

There was a wild crashing sound, a ripping of metal, and the plane blew through the trees, out over the water and down, down to slam into the lake . . . Brian is a city boy. Not used to living rough. Until his plane crash-lands in the Canadian wilderness. All he has is a hatchet - and a desperate will to survive. Now Brian must learn to live the hard way - or die. The internationally best-selling story of survival against the odds, now with a striking new cover look to celebrate its 30th anniversary. About the Author: Born May 17, 1939, Gary Paulsen is one of America's most popular writers f... View more info

Image for Catch-22 [50th Anniversary Edition]

Catch-22 [50th Anniversary Edition]

By: Joseph Heller

Price: $14.95

Publisher: UK, Vintage Arrow: 2011

Edition: 50

Seller ID: 9780099529125

ISBN: 0099529122

Condition: New

"Explosive, subversive, wild and funny, 50 years on the novel's strength is undiminished. Reading Joseph Heller's classic satire is nothing less than a rite of passage. Set in the closing months of World War II in an American bomber squadron off the coast of Italy, Catch-22 is the story of a bombardier named Yossarian who is frantic and furious because thousands of people he has never even met keep trying to kill him. Joseph Heller's bestselling novel is a hilarious and tragic satire on military madness, and the tale of one man s efforts to survive it." About the Author: "Joseph Heller was bor... View more info

Image for Catch-22


By: Joseph Heller

Price: $14.95

Publisher: UK, Vintage Arrow: 2004

Seller ID: 9780099470465

ISBN: 0099470462

Condition: New

At the heart of Joseph Heller's bestselling novel, first published in 1961, is a satirical indictment of military madness and stupidity, and the desire of the ordinary man to survive it. It is the tale of the dangerously sane Captain Yossarian, who spends his time in Italy plotting to survive. Arguably the best novel to come out of World War II, in which Heller strips away the veneer of martial glory to expose its insanity, and gives our language a new paradoxical phrase to describe mankind at the mercy of its own institutions. About the Author: Joseph Heller was born in 1923 in Brooklyn, New... View more info

Image for Bridge To Terabithia

Bridge To Terabithia

By: Katherine Paterson

Price: $16.95

Publisher: UK, Puffin: 2015

Seller ID: 9780141359786

ISBN: 0141359781

Condition: New

'We need a place,' Leslie called to him, ' . . . just for us.' Jess Aarons wants to be the fastest boy in the class, but when Leslie Burke moves into the neighbouring farm his life changes forever. Even though she runs faster than him, Jess thinks Leslie is all right - she's clever, funny and has good ideas. It is Leslie who invents Terabithia, the secret magical kingdom on an island across the creek where Jesse can escape his troublesome family. But one day tragedy strikes and Jesse needs to find the courage to overcome his fears . . . View more info

Image for Virals #1 Virals

Virals #1 Virals

By: Kathy Reichs

Price: $17.95

Publisher: UK, Arrow: 2011

Seller ID: 9780099544579

ISBN: 0099544571

Condition: New

Fourteen-year-old Tory Brennan is as fascinated by bones and dead bodies as her famous aunt, acclaimed forensic anthropologist, Tempe Brennan. However living on a secluded island off Charleston in South Carolina there is not much opportunity to put her knowledge to the test. Until her and her ragbag group of technophile friends stumble across a shallow grave containing the remains of a girl who has been missing for over thirty years. The question is, did whoever was responsible for the girl's death have anything to do with the sick puppy they rescued from a secret laboratory on the same island... View more info

Image for Seizure #2 Virals

Seizure #2 Virals

By: Kathy Reichs

Price: $19.95

Publisher: UK, Arrow: 2016

Seller ID: 9780099571452

ISBN: 0099571455

Condition: New

The breathtaking follow-up to Virals, Kathy Reichs' brand new forensic series HEART-STOPPING FORENSIC ACTION WITH A LETHAL TWIST The Virals' home on Loggerhead Island is under threat, and only one thing can save it- a lot of money. A 300-year-old legend Rumour has it that notorious pirate Anne Bonny hid her treasure somewhere in Charleston in 1720. No-one knows where, but Tory Brennan - great-niece of famous forensic anthropologist Dr Tempe Brennan - is certain that the Virals can work out Bonny's cryptic clues. A deadly path It isn't long before the Virals are on the rig... View more info

Image for Exposure #4 Virals

Exposure #4 Virals

By: Kathy Reichs and Brendan Reichs

Price: $14.95

Publisher: UK, Young Arrow: 2014

Seller ID: 9780099567257

ISBN: 0099567253

Condition: New

Tory Brennan - great niece of Dr Temperance Brennan - and the Virals return for their most terrifying adventure yet. Morris Island has barely had a chance to return to normality after the high profile trial of the Gamemaster, when two local students seem to vanish into thin air. Tory Brennan and the Virals pack move quickly in their attempts to discover what has happened to their twin classmates. But the pack's canine powers are growing wilder, and it is becoming ever harder to conceal the secret which protects them. When Tory and her friends find evidence of blood in the students' ba... View more info

Image for Trace Evidence : A Virals Short Story Collection

Trace Evidence : A Virals Short Story Collection

By: Kathy Reichs and Brendan Reichs

Price: $19.95

Publisher: UK, Arrow: 2016

Seller ID: 9781784752392

ISBN: 1784752398

Condition: New

A collection of four short stories based on the Virals series from Sunday Times bestselling author, Kathy Reichs! Includes, Swipe, Shift, Shock, and the never before seen Spike. Kathy Reichs' Virals series has been an enormous hit with Young adult and adult readers alike. In this collection of short stories, Kathy ties up all the loose ends in Tory's world Fans of the Virals series will be thrilled with this companion volume that includes three short stories originally published as digital short stories as well as an all-new, never-before-seen Virals adventure! Shift, Swipe, Shock and the ... View more info

Image for Terminal #5 Virals

Terminal #5 Virals

By: Kathy Reichs and Brendan Reichs

Price: $19.95

Publisher: UK, Arrow: 2015

Seller ID: 9780099567271

ISBN: 009956727X

Condition: New

A terrifying new adventure for Tory Brennan - great niece of Dr Temperance Brennan - and the Virals as they come face to face with their greatest enemy. Tory Brennan and the Virals pack are forced to confront the existence of a rival pack - The Trinity - who want them off the scene - declaring war by engraving 'One Territory. One Pack' on a local landmark. What's more this pack's powers seem stronger and their eyes glow red rather than golden when they flare. Chance Claybourne, who now owns his father's pharmaceutical company, shares The Trinity's powers - he accidentally infected himsel... View more info

Image for Code #3 Virals

Code #3 Virals

By: Kathy Reichs and Brendan Reichs

Price: $19.95

Publisher: UK, Arrow: 2013

Seller ID: 9780099571469

ISBN: 0099571463

Condition: New

Tory Brennan - great niece of Dr Temperance Brennan - and the Virals return for their most terrifying adventure yet. Life appears peaceful on Loggerhead Island - rescued from financial disaster, the research institute is flourishing once more. But the tranquility is quickly shattered when Tory Brennan and her technophile gang discover a mysterious box buried in the ground. A seemingly innocent treasure hunt soon turns into a nightmarish game of puzzles, as it becomes clear that one false move will lead to terrible, explosive consequences. The clock is ticking. Can Tory and the Viral... View more info

Image for Saint Death

Saint Death

By: Marcus Sedgwick

Price: $16.95

Publisher: UK, Orion: 2017

Seller ID: 9781444011258

ISBN: 1444011251

Condition: New

A potent, powerful and timely thriller about migrants, drug lords and gang warfare set on the US/Mexican border by PRINTZ MEDAL winning and CARNEGIE MEDAL, COSTA BOOK AWARD and GUARDIAN CHILDREN'S FICTION PRIZE shortlisted novelist, Marcus Sedgwick. Anapra is one of the poorest neighbourhoods in the Mexican city of Juarez - twenty metres outside town lies a fence, and beyond it, America - the dangerous goal of many a migrant. Faustino is one such trying to escape from the gang he's been working for. He's dipped into a pile of dollars he was supposed to be hiding and now he's on the run. He and... View more info

Image for The Shadow Cabinet #3 Shades of London

The Shadow Cabinet #3 Shades of London

By: Maureen Johnson

Price: $16.95

Publisher: UK, Hot Key Books: 2015

Seller ID: 000892

ISBN: 1471401804

Condition: New

In her weakest moment, Rory will find true strengthGrieving, shaken, and feeling very much alone, Rory's life as a member of the Shades of London has changed irrevocably. It's only been a matter of hours since Stephen was taken from her, possibly for ever. Her classmate Charlotte is still missing, kidnapped by the same people who tried to take Rory. Rory is no longer a schoolgirl haplessly involved in the dealings of a secret government unit. She is their weapon in a matter of life and death. With hardly a moment to think for herself, Rory gets back to work. Charlotte must be found -- as must ... View more info

Image for When We Were Two

When We Were Two

By: Robert Newton

Price: $17.95

Publisher: Australia, Penguin: 2011

Seller ID: 9780143566830

ISBN: 0143566830

Condition: New

Dan had to go, He felt he had no choice, but leaving home was never going to be easy . . . Dan and his brother Eddie take off for the coast, in search of their lost mother, in search of a better life . . . but it's a long road they face and Dan must use all his wits to get them there in one piece. When they are taken under the wings of a group of would-be soldiers marching over the mountains to join up for the Great War, Dan and Eddie's journey becomes something quite unexpected. The experiences they share will shape their future beyond recognition. This extraordinary rite of pa... View more info

Image for Captains Courageous [Dover Evergreen Classics]

Captains Courageous [Dover Evergreen Classics]

By: Rudyard Kipling

Price: $9.99

Publisher: USA, Dover: 1999

Seller ID: 9780486407869

ISBN: 0486407861

Condition: New

A pampered millionaire's son learns to be worth his salt among the fishermen working the Grand Banks of Newfoundland. This classic tale has delighted readers of all ages since 1897. At the start of Captains Courageous, one of literature's most beloved stories of the sea, a spoiled rich boy is literally swept away - dashed overboard from an ocean liner. Luckily, young Harvey Cheyne is rescued by a passing fishing vessel. As it turns out, Harvey's apparent misfortune in tumbling from a life of pampered luxury into the humble company of a fishing schooner becomes a blessing in disguise. Compelled... View more info

Image for Two Wolves

Two Wolves

By: Tristan Bancks

Price: $16.95

Publisher: Australia, Random House: 2014

Seller ID: 003207

ISBN: 0857982036

Condition: New

'Gripping and unpredictable, with a hero you won't forget.' - John Boyne, author of The Boy in The Striped Pyjamas An old man tells his grandson that there is a battle raging inside him, inside all of us. A terrible battle between two wolves. One wolf is bad - pride, jealousy, greed. The other wolf is good - kindness, hope, truth. The child asks, 'Who will win?' The grandfather answers simply, 'The one you feed.' One afternoon, police officers show up at Ben Silver's front door. Minutes after they leave, his parents arrive home. Ben and his little sister Olive are bundled into the car an... View more info

Image for Lord of the Flies : Educational Edition with revised and updated study notes

Lord of the Flies : Educational Edition with revised and updated study notes

By: William Golding

Price: $19.95

Publisher: UK, Faber: 2013

Edition: Second Edition

Seller ID: 9780571295715

ISBN: 0571295711

Condition: New

A new educational edition, fully revised and updated with new material, and featuring artwork by the winner of the Faber/Guardian illustration competition. Lord of the Flies is a novel that has captivated schoolchildren ever since it was first published in 1954. A teacher himself, Golding clearly understood what excites and interests children. It is not only a gripping story, with strong, sympathetic characters, but it also raises timeless and profound questions. Part of its lasting appeal, particularly in schools, surely arises from the way it tackles universal issues.The novel is a catalys... View more info