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Image for Sri Ramana Gita [used book][hard to get]

Sri Ramana Gita [used book][hard to get]

By: Bhagwan Sri Ramana Maharshi

Price: $70.00

Publisher: India, Sri Ramanasramam: 1998

Seller ID: 8188018171

ISBN: 8188018171

Condition: Good

English Language. Sri Ramana Gita is one of the important works on the teachings of Sri Ramana Maharshi, composed by his premier devotee Vasishtha Ganapati Muni. It records the instructions of the Maharshi on various themes of spiritual importance and mode of sadhana in answer to serious queries addressed to him by sincere devotees and aspirants. Most of the queries belong to the period of 1916 and 1917. The questions taken up in Ramana Gita are often intricate relating as they do to the deepest experiences in yoga and involve very subtle perception and analysis. Fortunately the commentary... View more info

Image for The Heavenly Man: The Remarkable True Story of Chinese Christian Brother Yun [used book]

The Heavenly Man: The Remarkable True Story of Chinese Christian Brother Yun [used book]

By: Brother Yun and Paul Hattaway

Price: $8.00

Publisher: USA, Monarch Books: 2006

Seller ID: 004087

ISBN: 185424597X

Condition: Good

This is the intensely dramatic story of how God took a young, half-starved boy from a poor village in Henan Province and used him mightily to preach the gospel, despite horrific opposition. Brother Yun is one of China's house church leaders, a man who despite his relative youth has suffered prolonged torture and imprisonment for his faith. Instead of focusing on the many miracles or experiences of suffering, however, Yun prefers to emphasise the character and beauty of Jesus. This astonishing book will form a watershed in your spiritual life. About the Author: Paul Hattaway is an expert on... View more info

Image for Proof of Heaven : A Neurosurgeon's Journey into the Afterlife

Proof of Heaven : A Neurosurgeon's Journey into the Afterlife

By: Dr. Eben Alexander

Price: $24.95

Publisher: USA, Simon and Schuster: 2013

Seller ID: 9781451695199

ISBN: 1451695195

Condition: New

The #1 New York Times bestselling account of a neurosurgeon's own near-death experience--for readers of 7 Lessons from Heaven. Thousands of people have had near-death experiences, but scientists have argued that they are impossible. Dr. Eben Alexander was one of those scientists. A highly trained neurosurgeon, Alexander knew that NDEs feel real, but are simply fantasies produced by brains under extreme stress. Then, Dr. Alexander's own brain was attacked by a rare illness. The part of the brain that controls thought and emotion--and in essence makes us human--shut down completely. For seven da... View more info

Image for St. Francis of Assisi

St. Francis of Assisi

By: G. K. Chesterton

Price: $16.99

Publisher: USA, Dover: 2008

Edition: Dover

Seller ID: 9780486469232

ISBN: 0486469239

Condition: New

The patron saint of animals, birds, and the environment, Francis of Assisi led the rediscovery of nature in the Christian West. This magnificent spiritual biography by the phenomenally popular G. K. Chesterton - a convert to Catholicism - chronicles the beloved saint's calling, his extraordinary life, and his influence in the Church. Its charm and wit will appeal to even the most secular-minded readers. How fitting that Francesco Bernardone was born just after the Dark Ages when the world was awakening. He started out as a colourful troubadour with a fondness for French poetry, extravagant wit... View more info

Image for John Flynn

John Flynn

By: Ivan Rudolph

Price: $29.95

Publisher: Australia, Boolarong Press: 2012

Seller ID: 003976

ISBN: 1921920750

Condition: New

John Flynn is one of Australia's greatest folk heroes. His achievements are stuff of legend - no other Australian has had more monuments dedicated to him than John Flynn. Flynn established a network of cottage hospitals, flying doctors, patrol padres, welfare centres and radio transmitters to create a Mantle of Safety that would allow the Outback to be habitable for men, women and children. Critique: Ivan Rudolph brings out Flynn the man who, like no other,revolutionised the lives of people in the Never Never country of Australia. Fred McKay View more info

Image for The Complete Life of Krishna: Based on the Earliest Oral Traditions and the Sacred Scriptures

The Complete Life of Krishna: Based on the Earliest Oral Traditions and the Sacred Scriptures

By: Mataji Devi Vanamali

Price: $37.95

Publisher: USA, Inner Traditions: 2012

Seller ID: 001035

ISBN: 1594774757

Condition: New

The first book to cover Krishna's entire life, from his childhood pranks to his final powerful acts in the Mahabharata war - Draws from the Bhagavad Purana, the Bhagavad Gita, the Mahabharata, and India's sacred oral tradition - Shows how the stories of Krishna's life are expressed with such simplicity and humor that they enable anyone--man, woman, or child--to see the wisdom of his teachings - Provides a valuable meditative tool that allows the lessons of these stories to illuminate from within Krishna, one of the most beloved characters of the Hindu pantheon, has been portrayed in many light... View more info

Image for Taken on Trust: My Captivity in Lebanon [used book]

Taken on Trust: My Captivity in Lebanon [used book]

By: Terry Waite

Price: $9.00

Publisher: UK, Hodder and Stoughton: 1993

Seller ID: 004030

ISBN: 0340581964

Condition: Good

This autobiography describes the hours before and after Terry Waite was taken hostage in January 1987 in Beirut. Waite analyzes his thoughts and feelings immediately prior to captivity - what was the nature of his role as envoy for the Archbishop of Canterbury? What was his relationship with the Americans and Colonel Oliver North? The book looks at Waite from his upbringing in Styal, Cheshire, until after his release in November 1991, when he had become one of the best-known figures of his time. It is an account of his years in solitary confinement and of the inner strengths which enabled him ... View more info