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Image for The Winter of Frankie Machine [used book]

The Winter of Frankie Machine [used book]

By: Don Winslow

Price: $8.00

Publisher: UK, William Heinemann: 2006

Seller ID: 0434017078

ISBN: 0434017078

Condition: Good

A blistering new take on the Mafia story and the basis of a forthcoming film starring Robert De Niro by the author of THE DEATH AND LIFE OF BOBBY Z. Frank Machianno is the guy, a late-middle-aged ex-surf bum who runs a bait shack on the San Diego waterfront. That's when he's not juggling any of his other three part-time jobs or trying to get a quick set in on his long board. He's a beloved fixture of the community, a stand-up businessman, a devoted father to his daughter. Frank's also a hit man. Well, a retired hit man. Back in the day, when he was one of the most feared members of the West ... View more info

Image for The Take [used book]

The Take [used book]

By: Martina Cole

Price: $8.00

Publisher: UK, Headline Book Publishing: 2005

Seller ID: 001192

ISBN: 0747269726

Condition: Good

Martina tells it like it really is, and her unique, honest and compassionate style shines through in her latest novel. Jackie Jackson is preparing a party to welcome home her husband Freddie. Everyone is gathered at the party, including her sister Maggie. But after six years in prison, Freddie thinks he is the Essex equivalent to the Godfather. And he's going to make sure everyone knows it. View more info

Image for Goodnight Lady [used book]

Goodnight Lady [used book]

By: Martina Cole

Price: $6.00

Publisher: UK, Headline Book Publishing: 1994

Seller ID: 002795

ISBN: 0747244294

Condition: Good

In the sixties, Briony Cavanagh ran a string of the most notorious brothels in London. Only Briony knew what went on behind those doors, and she never opened her mouth - unless she stood to benefit. Only Briony knew the painful road she d travelled to get there. From an impoverished childhood that ended with shocking betrayal, she was determined to be mistress of her own fate. But along with success came risk and danger. And the Goodnight Lady had her own secret place that was always shadowed by loss. View more info

Image for The Gate House #2 John Sutter [used book]

The Gate House #2 John Sutter [used book]

By: Nelson DeMille

Price: $8.00

Publisher: UK, Sphere Books: 2008

Seller ID: 001362

ISBN: 1847441165

Condition: Good

When John Sutter's aristocratic wife killed her mafia don lover, John left America and set out in his sailboat on a three-year journey around the world, eventually settling in London. Now, ten years later, he has come home to the Gold Coast, the stretch of land on the North Shore of Long Island that once held the greatest concentration of wealth and power in America, to attend the imminent funeral of an old family servant. Taking up temporary residence in the gatehouse of Stanhope Hall, John finds himself living only a quarter of a mile from Susan, who has also returned to Long Island. But Sus... View more info

Image for Pay Off [used book]

Pay Off [used book]

By: Stephen Leather

Price: $6.00

Publisher: UK, Hodder and Stoughton: 1997

Seller ID: 001575

ISBN: 0340672234

Condition: Good

Why does a wealthy Scottish financier set up a drugs deal with the IRA? Jeopardise his career, endanger his family and lover by tangling with the East End underworld and a ruthless mercenary? The motive is simple: revenge for a cold-blooded act of murder. His adversary is a dangerous gangland boss whose connections stretch from the Highlands to London and beyond. More than a match for a newcomer, especially when his plans contain a fatal flaw which will be discovered only when it is much too late ... View more info