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Image for The Complete Sherlock Holmes: Leatherbound Classic Collection

The Complete Sherlock Holmes: Leatherbound Classic Collection

By: Arthur Conan Doyle

Price: $49.95

Publisher: USA, Barnes & Noble: 2015

Seller ID: 004038

ISBN: 1435158105

Condition: New

A master of deductive reasoning who can solve the most difficult crimes by spotting obscure clues overlooked by others, dilettante sleuth Sherlock Holmes was the hero of sixty stories written by Sir Arthur Conan Doyle between 1887 and 1927. He even rose from the dead after Doyle tried to dispatch him in his twenty-fourth adventure, and readers protested. Here, in one volume, are all four full-length novels and fifty-six short stories about the colourful adventures of She... View more info

Image for The Beach of Atonement

The Beach of Atonement

By: Arthur W. Upfield

Price: $29.95

Publisher: Australia, ETT Imprint: 2016

Seller ID: A1276

ISBN: 1925416496

Condition: New

This is the story of a man who shot his wife's lover and thus created a memory which wrecked his own life. Arnold Dudley loved his wife and killed the man who stole her from him. Hunted by justice, pursued by bitter remorse, he fled to a stretch of beach on the Australian coast and lived in utter loneliness. When almost driven to madness by the solitude, he meets two women, who strive to re-build his broken life... First published in 1930, by the creator of Bony,... View more info

Image for The Fifth Victim #1 Cherokee Point [used book]

The Fifth Victim #1 Cherokee Point [used book]

By: Beverly Barton

Price: $8.00

Publisher: UK, Avon: 2003

Seller ID: 002984

ISBN: 0007926235

Condition: Good

Deep in the Smoky Mountains, a victim lies sacrificed on a makeshift altar - the gruesome work of a killer who has evaded the authorities in state after state. FBI agent Dallas Sloan knows the scene all too well - just as he knows the killings won't stop until there are four more bodies. View more info

Image for The Main Chance #23 Tweed and Co [used book]

The Main Chance #23 Tweed and Co [used book]

By: Colin Forbes

Price: $8.00

Publisher: UK, Simon & Schuster: 2006

Seller ID: 003228

ISBN: 074327587X

Condition: Good

Hot on the heels of his bestselling Blood Storm comes Colin Forbes' dramatic and topical new thriller,The Main ChanceAt the urgent plea of his old friend, Commander Buchanan of Scotland Yard, Tweed, once ace detective, now Deputy Chief SIS, visits Mrs Bella Main, formidable matriarch controlling the Main Chance, the most powerful private bank in Europe. Bella tells Tweed and Paula Grey, his assistant, that she has refused an enormous offer from Calouste Gubenkian, the mo... View more info

Image for Beggars Banquet: 22 short stories [used book]

Beggars Banquet: 22 short stories [used book]

By: Ian Rankin

Price: $8.00

Publisher: UK, Orion: 2003

Seller ID: 004100

ISBN: 075284959X

Condition: Good

Over the years, Ian Rankin has amassed an incredible portfolio of short stories. Published in crime magazines, composed for events, broadcast on radio, they all share the best qualities of his phenomenally popular Rebus novels. 10 years ago, A GOOD HANGING Ian's first short story collection demonstrated this talent and now after nearly a decade at the top of popular fiction, Ian is releasing a follow up. Ranging from the macabre ('The Hanged Man') to the unfortunate ('Th... View more info

Image for The Quickie [used book]

The Quickie [used book]

By: James Patterson and Michael Ledwidge

Price: $8.00

Publisher: UK, Headline: 2007

Seller ID: 003751

ISBN: 0755335716

Condition: Good

James Patterson takes us on a twisting roller-coaster ride of thrills in his most gripping novel yet. Lauren Stillwell is not your average damsel in distress. When the NYPD cop discovers her husband leaving a hotel with another woman, she decides to beat him at his own game. But her revenge goes dangerously awry, and she finds her world spiralling into a hell that becomes more terrifying by the hour. In a further twist of fate, Lauren must take on a job that threatens ... View more info

Image for Dearly Devoted Dexter #2 Dexter [used book]

Dearly Devoted Dexter #2 Dexter [used book]

By: Jeff Lindsay

Price: $8.00

Publisher: UK, Orion Books: 2006

Seller ID: 004094

ISBN: 0752877887

Condition: Good

Miami's best-dressed serial killer is back and on the prowl, at least he would be if he could shake off his permanent shadow. Ever since their paths first crossed, Sergeant Doakes hasn't let Dexter Morgan out of his sight. Dexter may well be the Miami PD's blood-spatter analyst, but Sgt. Doakes has a pretty good idea of how Dex likes to spend his free time and he's determined to catch him in the act. Dex hasn't killed in months and is getting twitchy. To throw Doakes off... View more info

Image for Death of Innocence

Death of Innocence

By: Karen Graham

Price: $19.95

Publisher: Australia, Boolarong Press: 2015

Seller ID: 003945

ISBN: 1925046923

Condition: New

With a seemingly perfect life, Michael and his two daughters Mary and Lauren are living happily in Arvada. Until that day Michael and Lauren awake to the news. Mary has been found murdered. Being a police officer he knows that he is not allowed to assist with this investigation. But trying to get his mind around his loss, Sam, his partner, allows Michael to help. That is when they discover that Lauren is also being stalked and terrorised by someone. Who could be stalki... View more info

Image for Broken #4 Will Trent [used book]

Broken #4 Will Trent [used book]

By: Karin Slaughter

Price: $8.00

Publisher: UK, Century: 2010

Seller ID: 004032

ISBN: 184605205X

Condition: Good

When the body of a young woman is discovered deep beneath the icy waters of Lake Grant, a note left under a rock by the shore points to suicide. But within minutes, it becomes clear that this is no suicide. It's a brutal, cold-blooded murder. All too soon former Grant County medical examiner Sara Linton - home for Thanksgiving after a long absence - finds herself unwittingly drawn into the case. The chief suspect is desperate to see her but when she arrives at the local... View more info

Image for Priest #5 Jack Taylor [used book]

Priest #5 Jack Taylor [used book]

By: Ken Bruen

Price: $8.00

Publisher: Australia, Bantam Press: 2006

Seller ID: 004306

ISBN: 0593055101

Condition: Good

Ireland is no longer the land of saints and scholars. Now, in an era of prosperity, the sexual scandals surrounding the church have caused its people to lose faith in the one institution that seemed invulnerable. But the decapitation of Father Joyce in a Galway church brings a gasp to the most hardened cynics. Not to Jack Taylor. Emotionally bruised, battered, and still struggling with the demon drink, he's back in town, trying to get his life on course after the traumat... View more info

Image for Lazy Bones @ Lazybones #3 Tom Thorne [used book]

Lazy Bones @ Lazybones #3 Tom Thorne [used book]

By: Mark Billingham

Price: $8.00

Publisher: UK, Little, Brown and Company: 2004

Seller ID: 003211

ISBN: 0751534277

Condition: Good

Someone - a woman or somebody pretending to be a woman, is writing to convicted rapists in prison, befriending them and then brutally killing them when they are released. DI Tom Thorne must discover the link between these killings and a murder/suicide that took place twenty-five years before; a tragedy to which the only witnesses were two small children, now adults and nowhere to be found. How can you escape a past that will do a lot more than just catch up with you? And... View more info

Image for The Devil's Feather [used book]

The Devil's Feather [used book]

By: Minette Walters

Price: $8.00

Publisher: UK, Pan: 2005

Seller ID: 003021

ISBN: 1447223128

Condition: Good

When five women are brutally murdered in Sierra Leone, Reuters correspondent Connie Burns questions the arrest of three rebel soldiers for the crimes. No one listens. In the wake of a vicious civil war which saw hundreds of thousands killed and displaced, the rape and murder of women is of little consequence. And who cares if child soldiers are beaten into a confession? With little to go on, except her witnessing of a savage attack on a prostitute, Connie believes a fore... View more info

Image for Fox Evil [used book]

Fox Evil [used book]

By: Minette Walters

Price: $8.00

Publisher: Australia, Allen & Unwin: 2002

Seller ID: 003197

ISBN: 1865089044

Condition: Good

When elderly Ailsa Lockyer-Fox is found dead in her garden, dressed only in nightclothes and with bloodstains on the ground near her body, the finger of suspicion points at her wealthy, landowning husband, Colonel James Lockyer-Fox. A Coroner's inquest gives a verdict of 'natural causes' but the gossip surrounding James refuses to go away. Why? Because he's guilty? Or because resentful women rule the roost in the isolated Dorset village where he lives? Already isolated i... View more info

Image for A Cotswold Killing #1 Thea Osborne [used book]

A Cotswold Killing #1 Thea Osborne [used book]

By: Rebecca Tope

Price: $6.00

Publisher: UK, Allison & Busby: 2011

Seller ID: 002336

ISBN: 0749083980

Condition: Good

Nestled in the fertile hills of the Cotswolds, the village of Duntisbourne Abbots is a well-kept secret: beautiful, timeless and quintessentially English. When recently widowed Thea Osborne arrives to house-sit for a local couple, her only fear is that three weeks there might prove a little dull. Her first night s sleep at Brook View is broken by a piercing scream outside but she decides such things don t require investigation in a sleepy place like this. At least not un... View more info

Image for Snowfall [used book]

Snowfall [used book]

By: Sharon Sala

Price: $8.00

Publisher: Australia, Mira: 2002

Seller ID: 003063

ISBN: 1551668440

Condition: Good

In her Manhattan apartment, bestselling mystery author Caitlin Bennett holds the latest of the threatening letters sent to her by a deranged "fan". She hires ex-cop Connor "Mac" McKee as a bodyguard. With Mac's protection, Caitlin begins to feel safe. But the city is in the grips of a massive snowstorm and a serial killer targeting women who bear a striking resemblance to Caitlin. Can Mac keep her safe from a madman's deadly agenda? View more info

Image for Still Waters [used book]

Still Waters [used book]

By: Tami Hoag

Price: $8.00

Publisher: UK, Orion Books: 2000

Seller ID: 002794

ISBN: 1407207075

Condition: Good

Hidden in the Minnesota farmlands, Still Creek seems to offer a sanctuary to Elizabeth Stuart and her son following her divorce, but the locals are distinctly cool towards the newcomers. Then, when Elizabeth becomes involved in a murder case, she finds there's more to the place than meets the eye. View more info

Image for Fetish #1 Makedde Vanderwall [used book]

Fetish #1 Makedde Vanderwall [used book]

By: Tara Moss

Price: $6.00

Publisher: Australia, Harper Collins: 2000

Seller ID: 002317

ISBN: 0732266777

Condition: Good

Makedde Vanderwall, part-time model and forensic psychology student always attracts the wrong type of man. When she travels to Sydney on assignment and finds her best friend murdered, she soon discovers a deadly puzzle of suspicious photographers, hired thugs, mysterious lovers and the handsome, jaded Detective Andy Flynn investigating the Stiletto Murders - the most violent serial killings Australia has ever known. In her quest to uncover the truth behind her best fri... View more info

Image for Hit #4 Makedde Vanderwall [used book]

Hit #4 Makedde Vanderwall [used book]

By: Tara Moss

Price: $7.00

Publisher: Australia, Harper Collins: 2007

Seller ID: 003302

ISBN: 0732276756

Condition: Good

Makedde Vanderwall has finished her studies and is ready to start practising as a forensic psychologist. She's also starting a new life in Australia with her detective boyfriend Andy Flynn. View more info

Image for Keeping the Dead @ The Keepsake #7 Jane Rizzoli and Maura Isles [used book]

Keeping the Dead @ The Keepsake #7 Jane Rizzoli and Maura Isles [used book]

By: Tess Gerritsen

Price: $8.00

Publisher: UK, Bantam Books: 2009

Seller ID: 004070

ISBN: 0553818376

Condition: Good

In downtown Boston, a sadistic killer is killing and mummifying the bodies of young women. Detective Jane Rizzoli and Dr Maura Isles are called in to investigate in Tess Gerritsen's heart-pounding new bestseller. She's Pilgrim Hospital's most unusual patient, and on this Saturday night, a media circus is gathered to record every minute of her visit to the X-ray department. Crammed into the small CT scan room are reporters, TV cameras, a select group of medical technicia... View more info